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Booking Assistance

When booking for multiple passengers, Omio automatically reserves seats together—subject to availability of course.

Whilst seats cannot be chosen manually, any seating preference made during the booking process will be honored when possible.

Please note that if you and your travel companions complete separate bookings, we will not be able seat you together. In our experience however, the majority of travellers are happy to switch seats if you ask nicely.

Is my seat reservation included in the ticket price?

Each travel company has their own unique seat assignment policy. Seat reservation is often included as part of the ticket price but some travel companies charge an extra fee. Other travel companies have no reserved seating at all, in which case you are free to take any of the available seats.

We are currently unable to offer bookings for groups of more than five passengers.

Larger groups will therefore need to book several times. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all tickets will be available or that the prices will remain the same between bookings.

We therefore recommend that larger groups contact their desired travel company directly.

Some bookings made with Omio require the payment of a service fee. This helps us to run our platform and allows us to offer first-rate customer service. The total cost of the tickets and the service fee will always be displayed before confirmation of any payment.

Most travel companies we work with consider the ticket itself to be an invoice. If you book via Omio and there is a booking fee, you will receive an invoice for our services in your confirmation email.

Advance ticket availability depends on the mode of transport selected and the policies of the individual travel companies. You can typically search for flights up to a year in advance, whilst train and bus schedules are available 30-120 days in advance.

Omio is able to process payments made with Visa, Maestro and Mastercard credit and debit cards, as well as American Express, Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.