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Booking with Omio

How can I choose my seat?

When you complete a booking for multiple travellers, Omio automatically assigns seats as close together as possible depending on seating availability. Specific seats cannot be selected manually but the seating preferences you entered during the booking process will be honored whenever possible.

Please note that if you and your travel companion(s) complete separate bookings, we will not be able seat you together. However, in our experience, the majority of travellers are happy to switch seats if you ask nicely.

Is my seat included in the ticket cost?

Each travel company in Europe has their own unique seat assignment policy. Seat selection is usually included as part of the ticket price but some travel companies require you to pay a supplement. Some travel companies have no reserved seating at all, in which case you are free to take any of the available seats.


Omio is currently unable to offer bookings for groups of more than five passengers.

For larger groups you will need to book multiple times in order to get the desired number of tickets. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all tickets will be available or that the price will remain the same. Contacting the travel provider directly is recommended to accommodate large groups.

A “public transportation leg” is displayed when part of your journey is not served by a private travel company. When your desired destination is not served by a private travel company, Omio automatically finds and displays public transportation information to help you plan your entire journey. 


In this example, the entire route from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport to Madrid’s Atocha train station is not served by a train company so our system indicates that a transfer and a public transportation leg are required.

The complete journey details (including the public transportation leg) appear when the “Select” button is clicked.


You can find detailed information about the public transportation leg by clicking the small (i) icon.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently purchase a ticket for the public transportation leg of your journey with Omio. Please note that the cost of the public transportation ticket is not included in the displayed ticket price.


Some travel ticket bookings made directly with Omio require the payment of a service fee. This helps us run our platform and allows us to offer first-rate customer service. The total cost of the tickets and the service fee will always be displayed before confirming any payment.

Unfortunately, we do not. Most providers we work with consider the ticket to be an invoice. If you book via Omio and there is a fee you'll receive an invoice from our service in the confirmation email.

Due to the huge range of sources from which we draw our information, the search and booking of tickets in advance depends on the mode of transport and the countries involved in the journey. You can search for flights for up to a year in advance while train and bus schedules are provided to us - varying from country to country - between 30 and 120 days in advance.

A “car leg” is displayed when either your departure or arrival destination is not served by a travel company. Car legs are often required for destinations that are small or remote. When your desired destination is not served by a travel company, Omio automatically suggests the nearest station as an alternative.


In this example, the entire route from Milan to Interlaken is not served by a travel company so our system suggests the nearby station of Spiez as an alternative.

The complete journey details (including the car leg) appear when the “Select” button is clicked.


Unfortunately, you will need arrange your own local transportation for the car leg of your journey. Please note that the cost of the car leg is not included in the displayed ticket price.


Omio is able to process payments made with Visa debit and credit cards, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. 

Just click the cheapest tab that is located at the top of our search results page. You can customize your results by playing with our filters and tabs.

If you have a Omio voucher code, the following conditions apply:

*Valid only when booked directly via the Omio app. One voucher maximum per booking.

Voucher is non-refundable, cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be used more than once.

Discount applies to the first £200 only. Not valid on third-party sites. Supply is limited.

We reserve the right to suspend or revoke the voucher discount at any time, without notice, if we suspect abusive or fraudulent activity that violates the Omio terms and conditions. This voucher is issued by Omio Travel GmBH