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Change my ticket

If you have purchased tickets that allow for changes to be made, we are usually able to assist you. Please locate the fare type printed on your ticket before contacting customer service.

For all ticket change requests please call us to make sure we can handle your inquiry quickly. Visit our contact page to find our list of local phone numbers.

If you were redirected to one of our partner’s websites to complete your booking, we will be unable to make any changes on your behalf. This means you will need to contact the travel company directly to make any changes. This contact information is available in your booking confirmation email.


When you complete a booking for multiple travellers, Omio automatically assigns seats as close together as possible. If you and your travel companions are separated or were not seated according to your booking preferences, it is most likely because of limited seating availability.

Unfortunately, we cannot change seats after a booking has been made. If you did not receive your preferred seats— don’t worry. In our experience, the majority of travellers are happy to switch seats if you ask.



Your tickets are created automatically using the information entered during the booking process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this information once a booking has been made.

Generally, if a mistake is minor—such as mix-up of your first and last names, or a typographical error—this shouldn’t cause you any problems. Bus and rail staff are aware that mistakes can happen when booking tickets online.

Please be aware however that as a search and booking platform we can't guarantee that tickets with incorrect details will be valid.

If you have any concerns regarding passenger details, we recommend checking with the travel company to check if your ticket will be accepted. The name of the travel company is printed on your ticket.