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Booking and Technical Issues

If you remained on the Omio platform to complete your booking and your booking confirmation email is from Omio, then we are always happy to help you with your tickets. We are available in over seven languages - the contact information for our team and our office hours are listed here.

If you were transferred to a partner travel company website to complete your booking, the actual booking is now independent of our service and we hold no access to the data connected to your tickets. This means that you will need to contact the travel company directly for any post-booking assistance

Please note, that certain travel companies booked for on our website like to handle the customer service for their tickets themselves and therefore you will still need to contact them directly for help with your booking. All the contact details you need will be printed on your ticket.

Additionally, you will only be able to change or cancel your tickets if the terms and conditions connected to the fare selected allow for changes or cancellations. Your fare type will be printed on your ticket and if you aren't sure about your fare conditions, you can review them using our dedicated Help Centre articles for train and bus.





If you remained on the Omio platform to complete your booking and have not received a booking confirmation email with your tickets then please get in touch, we are more than happy to re-send your tickets to you. We are available in over seven languages - the contact information for our team and our office hours are all on our contact page.

Before contacting us, please make sure to:

  • Check with your bank to see if you were charged
  • Think back to whether or not you reached a booking confirmation screen

If you haven't been charged then unfortunately your booking was not successful and your tickets were not reserved - you will need to make your booking again. 

Please note, that if you are transferred to a partner website, the actual booking is independent of our service and we hold no access to the data connected to your booking. This means you will need to contact the travel provider directly for your tickets.

If you remember being transferred but cannot remember which travel provider you booked with then you should be able to identify your travel provider by checking the charge on your bank statement. Alternatively, you can re-create your search on the Omio website.






Omio will never charge you for a booking attempt that is unsuccessful. Depending on when your booking fails in the checkout process, you may notice a charge pending in your account, even though you have received an error message. This is not a finalised charge but is rather the result of a pre-authorisation.

Pre-authorisation means that before securing your tickets from the travel company, a temporary hold is put on the necessary funds in your account. If the following stage of the booking process fails, this amount is released by Omio instantly. However, it can take your bank a little while to recognise that the funds have been released, which is why it remains temporarily as a pending charge in your account.

No action is required on your part to have a pre-authorised amount released. The pre-authorisation will clear automatically sometime between a few hours and a few days depending on your bank. The money released to you by your bank will not appear as credit from Omio, since the funds were never actually withdrawn.

For some customers, a pre-authorisation looks like a charge in their bank statement. This is because some banks don’t specify if the amount is a real charge or just a pre-authorisation.

If you’re unsure about what has happened to your account, we recommend contacting your bank to put your mind at ease.

Generally, an error message is the result of a temporary connectivity issue between Omio and the travel company operating your route. Connectivity issues are rare but when they do occur your booking can fail at the last moment. Most of the time, these issues resolve themselves quickly and it’s simply a matter of trying your booking again an hour later.

Occasionally, an error message can be a consequence of something a little more technical. If you’ve tried to book a number of times without success, this may need investigating from our side, in which case the error message will let you know to contact our customer service team.

Deutsche Bahn tickets are generated using only the details of the primary passenger and therefore it is completely normal for there to be only one name printed on the ticket.

The total number of passengers will be listed in German, either in the top right or left hand corner of the ticket. 'Erwachsene’ or ‘Erw’ indicate the number of adults and ‘Kinder’ indicates the number of children travelling. Children under six years will not be listed on the ticket but are still eligible to travel.  


If you’ve received a set of Eurostar or Thalys train tickets that appears to be incomplete— don't worry. The tickets you’ve received are valid for your entire journey. Your ticket will have either “Any Belgian Station” (ABS) or “Any Dutch Station” (ADS) written on it. Occasionally both terms will be listed for certain itineraries.

Although you’ve searched for and booked a specific route with Omio, only the Eurostar or Thalys leg of the journey printed on your ticket is for a fixed time. The journeys before or after the Eurostar/Thalys train leg printed on your ticket are flexible. The travel times stated in your confirmation email are only guidelines for your convenience.

The journey legs which are not explicitly listed on your ticket can actually be travelled at any time of the day on any train EXCEPT for high-speed or Thalys trains. This is why “Any Belgian Station” or “Any Dutch Station” is printed on your ticket and not the specific journey you selected on Omio.





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You can contact the Omio team with any issues that you may have experienced. You can reach us via a number of different channels: send us an email at, we’re on both Twitter and Facebook or just give us a call.

Omio is partnered with over 350 train, bus and plane companies across Europe. Our system is designed to retrieve and compare all the tickets on offer and display the prices for you in real-time. 

However, our travel partners can update their fares and availability at any moment and occasionally this can result in a price update on our booking page. If a price update takes place, you will be clearly notified and the final amount will always be displayed before you make any payment or confirm any booking.

Unfortunately, as the prices are set and updated by our travel partners, we do not have any the possibility to revert back to an expired offer.