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Booking and Technical Issues

Firstly, please check with your bank to see if you were charged.

If you haven't been charged then unfortunately your reservation was not successful—you will need to make another booking.

If you were charged, a confirmation email will have been sent to the email address you provided when you booked. If you can’t find it, please make sure you entered the address correctly and check your spam folder.

Please note, if you were redirected to a travel company website to complete your booking, you will need to contact them for after-sales support. This is because the booking was not made within our system and we do not have access to your reservation details.

If you have an Omio account, you can re-send your confirmation email by selecting the option from the 'your bookings' page. If you haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours of booking, or your departure is less than a day away, please contact us.

If you booked via Omio and received a confirmation email from us, our customer service team are happy to help—click here to get in touch.

If you were redirected to a travel company website to complete your booking, you will need to contact them for any post-booking assistance.

Some of travel companies we work with prefer to handle customer service themselves. In these instances, you will therefore need to contact them for help with your booking. All the contact details you need are printed on your ticket.

If your booking failed during the checkout process, you may see a pending charge on your bank account. Rest assured that your funds have not been deducted and the charge will clear automatically. No further action is required.

Why does this happen?

Before we can secure your tickets from the travel company, a temporary hold is put on the necessary funds in your bank account. If the following stage of the booking process fails, this amount is released back to you instantly.

It can sometimes take your bank some time to recognise that the funds have been released however. In these instances, you may see a pending charge on your statement.

The money released back to you will not appear as credit from Omio, since the funds were never actually withdrawn.

If you’re concerned about a pending charge on your account, we recommend contacting your bank to put your mind at ease.

Connectivity issues are rare, but when they do occur your booking can fail at the last moment. In these instances you will receive an error message. These issues are usually resolved quickly. We therefore recommend trying to book again a little later.

If you’ve tried to book several times without success, we may need to investigate further. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have experienced several failed booking attempts.

Deutsche Bahn tickets only feature the details of the primary passenger. It is thus completely normal for there to be only one name printed on the ticket.
The total number of passengers is shown in German, in the top right hand corner of the ticket. 'Erwachsene’ or ‘Erw’ indicates the number of adults and ‘Kinder’ indicates the number of children. Passengers under six years old will not be listed on the ticket but are still eligible to travel.

If you’ve received Eurostar or Thalys train tickets and they appear to be incomplete—don't worry. The tickets you’ve received are valid for your entire journey. Your ticket will have either “Any Belgian Station” (ABS) or “Any Dutch Station” (ADS) written on it. Occasionally both terms will be listed for certain itineraries.

Whilst you have chosen a specific route and departure time for your journey, only the Eurostar /Thalys ticket is for a fixed time. The rest of your itinerary is flexible. The travel times in your confirmation email are only guidelines for your convenience.

With an ABS/ADS ticket, you can complete your journey with any train expect for high-speed services such as Thalys. This is why “Any Belgian Station” or “Any Dutch Station” is printed on your ticket and not the specific journey you selected on Omio.




The Netherlands


Our system is designed to retrieve and compare ticket prices from over 350 travel companies worldwide in real-time. Because ticket prices and availability can be updated at any moment, this can result in a price change whilst booking with Omio.

If a price change happens, you will be notified before the booking is confirmed and before any payment is made. As the prices are set and updated by the travel companies themselves, we do not have any the possibility to alter the prices shown.