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About Omio

Omio is a convenient multi-mode search engine for all major forms of travel in Europe. We compare and combine air, bus and train options for many destinations throughout Europe – both big and small – not just cities lucky enough to have an airport. We work out the overall travel time and costs, making it easier for you to plan and budget your trip.

We use proprietary localized mapping technology to find the closest airport, train or bus station to any location – big and small – not just cities that have an airport. Next, we show you the most efficient routes to your destination: our search system is able to combine different forms of transport for you - this is called multi-mode. We take away the effort that comes with travel planning and provide you with the right information to help you save time and money. Once you have decided on a route, you'll either be able to finalize your booking by buying the ticket directly from our website or via a link to the page of the provider - which one depends on the cooperation that we have with each individual provider.

Omio is an easy-to-use travel search and booking platform that goes a step further than other travel search engines. Our results compare all the possible combinations offered by our travel partners, which allows for transparency with no hidden agenda: we don’t operate our own flights, buses or trains. In short, we’re an independent entity and as such, you can rest assured knowing that the results on the screen will always be unbiased and true.

We’re always happy to give advice on how to use our service, although please be aware that we aren’t here to plan your journey in detail, nor can we inform you of the offers for your desired route - that’s exactly what the website is for!

Multi-mode travel is the term used for when you take different forms of transport in order to reach a final destination. When people travel, they usually need to make a smaller trip to get them to the main leg of their journey – driving a car or taking the train to and from the airport for instance. We compare and combine these options, helping you decide what the most suitable route is.

Example 1: London to Paris – We display the time/cost for train, bus, flight or car. You’ll notice that taking the high-speed-train is actually quicker than flying, once you factor in the journeys to and from the airport and the waiting times. Pretty useful, right?

Example 2: Heidelberg to Prague – Since Heidelberg doesn’t have its own airport, we show you the train connections and prices to the airports nearest to it. With this information you should have a better idea of the journey time and costs.

Omio automatically searches for multi-mode combinations when air travel to/from destinations is available and then compares the difference between those results. Where a connection isn’t available, we display driving times along with the estimated petrol consumption.

Yes! In addition to our mobile-friendly website, we have an app on both Android and iOS. It should be easy to find on the App Store or Play Store.

What is the My Bookings section in my Omio App?

My Bookings is a feature available to people who have created a Omio user account with the Omio app. My Bookings will include your mobile tickets, as well as a reminder about any other tickets which need to be printed before you travel.

What is a mobile ticket?

A mobile ticket is a ticket which does not need to be printed, saving both paper and time. Economical and ecological. If you have the latest Omio app, you will find your mobile tickets in the My Booking section.

At the moment, mobile tickets are limited to routes operated by the following travel providers:

  • Trenitalia the national rail provider in Italy
  • Deutsche Bahn the national rail provider in Germany

If you booked with any other train, bus, or flight company, your tickets were sent to the email address you used during the booking process. They may need to be printed out to be valid for your journey.

How do I purchase a mobile ticket?

On routes where mobile tickets are available, they can be purchased through the Omio app. To purchase a mobile ticket, you must be registered and logged in to your Omio user account when making the booking.

How do mobile tickets work?

Your Omio user account includes a My Bookings Section, here your mobile ticket will be waiting for you following the completion of your booking. You simply need to open the ticket and show it to the conductor who will scan it. There’s no need to worry about internet access as the My Booking Section is accessible offline, but make sure that your device has enough battery charge as you will not be able to board without access to your mobile ticket.

Where do I find my mobile ticket?

You can find your ticket in the My Bookings Section of your Omio App. If you cannot see a mobile ticket after completing your booking, then one has not been issued. Your ticket will have been delivered to the email address which you specified during the booking process.

Can I buy a mobile ticket for another person/ group?

Mobile tickets purchased using your Omio user account cannot be transferred or sent to another person. Mobile tickets can only be accessed within the My Bookings section of the Omio user account belonging to the person who made the booking. If you are planning to book a mobile ticket for another passenger or group, then you must be travelling together in order for the ticket(s) to be accessed and scanned. If you are not travelling together, a printed copy of the ticket(s) ­attached to your email confirmation­ must be made available to the passenger/group you are booking for.

Can I delete my mobile tickets?

Mobile tickets cannot be deleted. The My Bookings section is divided into two categories, 'upcoming' and ‘past'. 12 hours after you arrive at your destination, the mobile ticket is transferred to the past category, where you are able to access all of your previous mobile tickets.

Yes. They are very small files that our site sends to your computer's hard drive through the web browser (if you approve them). They enable our site's systems to recognize your browser and to then capture and remember certain information that helps to optimize your searches on our website.