• I booked a train journey in the EU, and my train was delayed. What compensation am I entitled to?

    In case of delays, you can request compensation from the EU train operator as below:

    • 25% of the value of the affected part of the journey, for a delay between 60 and 119 minutes included.
    • 50% of the value of the affected part of the journey, for a delay of 120 minutes or more.

    You can contact our Customer Support team via our contact page, and they will be able to provide you with more information on how to make a claim.

  • I booked a train journey in the EU with one or several connections, and I missed my train connection due to a disruption. What are my options?

    If your booking includes one single ticket for multiple connections operated by the same EU train operator, then the EU train operator should guarantee your connection by offering you either a full reimbursement or a rerouting option at no additional costs (except in some cases, such as force majeure events).

    You can find more detailed information about your rights here

    If your booking includes at least 2 tickets corresponding to the various legs of the journey combined at Omio’s initiative, you may not have the option to be rerouted without extra charges, as each of your tickets represents a different transport contract, and you might need to buy a new ticket to continue your journey. It's important to keep in mind that any claims for compensation should be submitted separately for each transport contract. Omio will inform you before and after you finalise your booking if your connection(s) is not guaranteed.

    You can contact our Customer Support team via our contact page, and they will be able to provide you with more information on how to make a claim.

  • Can I travel with my bicycle in the EU? How can I book space for my bicycle?

    Depending on the EU train operator, you may be required to purchase a specific ticket to reserve a space for your bike.

    Unfortunately, Omio doesn’t yet have the ability to offer this, but we are doing our best efforts to make this happen. For the time being, you will need to check the specific train operator’s policies for travelling with a bike.

    You can find the links to each operator’s website below.

  • I need assistance at the station / during my EU train journey. How can I request it?

    If you require assistance at the station and/or on board- the train during your journey for yourself or for your travel companion, you need to contact the EU train operator you are travelling with at least 24 hours before the assistance is needed. Your EU train operator will be indicated on your ticket. 

    If your booking includes multiple tickets involving 2 or more EU train operators, please note that you may have to request assistance separately with each of the EU Train operators, as indicated on each of your tickets.

    If your booking includes multiple connections involving the same EU train operator, you only need to contact the EU train operator you are travelling with. The EU train operator should also inform you in case you need to notify your assistance needs to any other train operator or station manager involved in the journey you booked or you intend to book.

    You can find the links to each operator’s website below.

  • I need to book a wheelchair space for my EU train journey. How can I do it?

    We work hard every day to improve our support services and be able to assist you with seat reservations for travellers with reduced mobility (PRM) or disabilities, and their companions.

    At the moment, this service is not supported by our systems. However, you can book a seat or request assistance directly from the EU train operator you'll be travelling with. We're doing our utmost to improve our services in this regard, and we appreciate your understanding.

    You can find the links to each operator’s website below.

  • What type of ID is considered valid for transport?

    A passport is the best form of ID to bring when travelling. Depending on the travel company, an ID card may also be acceptable.

  • Where can I find traffic information during my trip?

    We do not currently have traffic information for all travel companies. Live traffic information can be found on the travel company’s website.

  • How do I claim for delay compensation?

    General conditions differ between travel companies. Each company’s website will have information on how to claim compensation in the case of a delay. You can also contact our Customer Service, and we’ll be happy to help you with your delay compensation.

  • Can I book special seats (wheelchair space, animals allowed, etc.)?

    It depends on the travel company and the facilities that they offer. If you require a special seat, it is best to contact the travel company directly prior to your departure date to organize this.

  • Can I choose my seat?

    Whilst not all travel companies allow seating preferences to be chosen manually, when booking for multiple passengers, seats are automatically assigned as close together as possible, subject to availability.

    Please note that if you and your travel companions complete separate bookings, your seats most likely will not be together. In our experience, however, the majority of passengers are happy to switch seats when asked!

    If you require a change of seat, please contact our Customer Service team, and we will try our best to accommodate you, in line with the travel company’s conditions.

  • Is my seat reservation included in the ticket price?

    Each travel company has their own unique seating assignment policy. Seat reservations are often included in the ticket price, but some travel companies may charge an extra fee for an assigned seat.

    Other travel companies have no reserved seating available, in which case you are free to take any available seat.

  • What is the address of the station?

    The address of the arrival and departure station will be displayed on the ticket itself. Should you have any doubts or require more details, please contact our Customer Service team, and we will do our best to assist you further.

  • What should I do in case of a strike?

    When a travel company announces a strike, they will either send you an email directly to let you know that your trip may be impacted, or they will inform us, and we will send you an email with all the information you need.

    Should you be informed that your journey was, or will be cancelled, please contact our Customer Service team for further assistance.

  • There is only one name printed on my Deutsche Bahn ticket - is this normal?

    Some Deutsche Bahn tickets only display the details of the primary passenger. It is completely normal for there to be only one name printed on the ticket, and the ticket inspector onboard the train will be familiar with this type of ticket.

    Passengers under six years old will not be listed on the ticket but are still eligible to travel.

  • Can I use my rail discount card?

    Many train companies offer discount cards which allow passengers to secure reduced fares on their chosen routes.

    If you possess a valid discount card for your planned journey, simply select the relevant card for each passenger prior to completing your booking.

  • I lost my bag, help!

    If you notice you are missing an item after your journey, you will need to go to the nearest station or airport's lost and found point to check if your item has been recovered.

    If you are no longer travelling, you will need to contact the relevant travel company either via the ‘Lost and Found’ form available on their website or by telephone.

    Please note that lost and found departments usually only hold items for a period of 28 days.

  • How many bags can I take on my flight?

    For certain airlines, you will be able to add the required amount of luggage you need during the booking process. We recommend checking the airline's website for more details on baggage allowances since luggage policies vary depending on the airline you are travelling with.

    Generally, at least one piece of hand luggage is allowed on board free of charge. Some airlines, however, only allow a smaller piece, such as a computer case or a handbag, which will have to be stowed underneath the seat.

    In regards to checked baggage, different fees apply according to the weight and the number of pieces.

    If you want to travel with larger luggage, please make sure to contact the airline directly before your departure date to arrange any necessary details.

  • Can I fly with my pet?

    If you want to travel with your pet, you will need to contact the airline directly.

    There may be different regulations in place regarding which animals can be transported, depending on which countries you are flying to and from. Each airline has its own conditions and policies regarding flying with pets.

    Please note that researching which vaccinations and health documentation is required before purchasing your ticket or travelling.

  • Can I take my bike/musical instrument/sports equipment?

    If you wish to travel with extra luggage, such as sports or musical equipment, you will likely have to pay an additional surcharge. We recommend contacting the relevant travel company directly to check that this service is available.

  • What is the service fee? What is the booking rate? Can I be charged with both?

    Omio may charge a service fee for the intermediation service we provide and for running the platform (e.g. website available in multiple language options, different payment options, customer support in several languages, etc.). These fees help us improve our website to ensure the best quality experience for our customers.

    In addition, Omio may charge a booking rate for the search, comparison, combination and booking service we offer via the platform. The booking rate relates to Omio’s costs to maintain and develop all the various travel services we offer (various travel modes, countries, travel operators, etc.) and to process the bookings with our travel partners.

    When booking a trip on Omio, you may be charged both. Omio will inform you before purchase which service fees and/or booking rates apply so you can accept them before paying.

  • Are service fees refundable?

    No, our service fees are non-refundable. This is because service fees are charged for the intermediation services we provide you, which are fulfilled when the booking has been confirmed to you.

  • Is the booking rate refundable?

    Yes, if you booked a refundable fare, the booking rate will be refunded.

  • Are there other fees Omio may charge?

    Omio may charge fees for change and cancellation requests for flight and ferry bookings performed by our Customer Support team upon your request. We will always inform you upfront whether fees are applicable so you can either accept to pay them and proceed with your request or not. Please note that our fees for changes or cancellations do not include the amounts eventually charged by the travel operators, according to their terms and conditions. These fees are non-refundable.

  • Do I always have to pay a service fee?

    The service fee will be charged depending on the trip booked, the platform used (e.g. desktop or App), dates of booking and travelling, among other criteria. In multiple scenarios, no service fee will be charged.

  • Do I always have to pay a booking rate?

    The booking rate will be charged depending on the trip booked, the platform used (e.g. desktop or App), dates of booking and travelling, among other criteria. In multiple scenarios, no booking rate will be charged.

  • How do I know if I have to pay a fee?

    You will be presented with a breakdown of the costs and fees that comprise the amount due for each booking. This includes the Omio service fee, the booking rate, and any fees that may be charged by the travel operators. You agree to pay, or authorize, the payment for all such fees, together with any additional fees or costs as may be incurred by your credit card or payment service provider, if any.

  • What are card processing fees?

    We may charge additional fees for using certain payment methods as stated by the applicable laws, i.e. if you use a corporate card or a tripartite system (American Express or Diners). These fees are non-refundable. Please note that our systems automatically detect the payment method you actually use, and the corresponding additional fees are charged, if any.